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Q1. Can I register my vehicle at this location and what is required to register a vehicle?

A: Yes. We have 30 day temp tags and 2yr registrations for MD inspected vehicles. To process please bring us your State I.D., title/ purchase related documents, and insurance/policy number


Q2. How long does it take to receive title after registration is complete?

A: Mailed within 7-10 days to registered owner address.


Q3. Can I register a 'salvage branded title'?

A: Yes, Maryland salvage branded titles can be processed same day. Out of state salvage branded titles will have to be processed at a full service MVA


Q4. Can I register a vehicle with an out of state license?

A: Yes. Bring in your out of state license and title we will provide you with a Maryland 'Soundex' Number. This transaction is usually 24 to 48 hours

Please Note: Registration of an international driver's licenses will have to be registered at a full-service MVA.


Q5. Can I register someone else's vehicle for them?

A: Yes. We will need vehicle title, a copy of the vehicle owner's I.D., and a letter from him/her authorizing permission for you to do so.


Q6. Can I pay for my flags or tickets at your location?

A: No. We cannot process flag or tickets however, we can accept payments for MVA admin fees.


Q7. Can I receive a driver's license or state I.D. at your location?

A: No


Q8. What are your hours of operation?

A: Please click our 'Locations/ Hours' tab at the top of the Home page.



Q9. Can I register my vehicle and get tags at your location the same day?

A: Yes


Q10. I lost my Maryland title and or registration, Can I get a duplicate?

A: Duplicate Maryland titles will be mailed to the address on file this transaction can take 7-10 days. We will need the Vin or Title #, All OWNERS ID

B: Duplicate registrations can be processed at our office or online.


Q11: Can I return my Maryland tags to your location?

A: Yes. We accept MARYLAND tags only.


Q12: Can I renew my registration at your location or online?

A: Yes. We can process 1 or 2yr registrations. If the vehicle have outstanding tickets or fines, We will not be able to process until this is taken care of. Please contact us before you apply so we can check this for you.


Q13: Can I get Auto Insurance at this location?

A: Yes

Q14: Do you charge a service fee for the services you provide?

A: Yes

Q15: Are your service fees refundable?

A: Yes, If an error occurred and we were at fault, The service fee would be refunded. 

Q16: What are your service fees?

A: Please visit our services page

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